Accredited ACTA Trainer and Assessor

Founder and Director of Hemsun International Pte Ltd

Vadivelu Gangadharan (hereinafter called as “Velu”) is pro-active, results driven and qualified professional with over 30 years vast experience in a plethora of construction contract and commercial domains including quantity surveying, contract administration, commercial management and dispute resolution.

Velu has demonstrated meticulous work standards and a high level of project delivery throughout his professional carrier, relying solid organizational skills. Due to his diverse exposure, he is able to provide an affective and comprehensive solutions to the issues on hand.

From the experiences he gained during years of service as a construction contracts consultant, Velu is equipped for and specialised in preparing, submitting and presenting various forms of monetary claims including but not limited to progress claims, claims for variation works, measurements, loss and expense claims, prolongation costs, acceleration costs, disruption costs, insurance loss adjusting claims, statutory recovery claims, etc.


Expertise, discipline and precision

Velu always provides advice to his clients on effective ways in negotiating and settling those claims which his advice is always relevant and beneficial to his client’s business models. Velu has vast experience working in both consultancy and construction companies in both pre and post contract stages.

Velu has prepared course materials for Construction Contract Administration Course and conducting In- house training and Institutional training during both day time and evening time classes.


Years of Experience







Hemsun International Pte Limited
& Hemsun Solutions

Hemsun Groups

HEMSUN is an independent Singapore based international contracts and commercial consultancy comprising delivering contract, commercial, claims, quantity surveying and dispute management services to the construction and engineering industries.

High-quality Services

A fundamental strength of Hemsun is that we deliver high-quality services that account for our clients’ operational and commercial priorities in seeking to maximize their profitability. As part of this, we offer the benefits of an external eye and best-practice benchmarking.

30 Years of Experience

HEMSUN with over 30 years of experience among its consultants, our proven contract management methodologies enable us to provide early advice on how contracts can be set up and managed to avoid claims, and also how to deal with claims when they do occur. 

Mega Projects

HEMSUN has vast experience involving in various types of mega projects undertaken by multi-national companies in Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Malta, Morocco, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and United Arab Emirates.

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